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The performance of NVMe™ Flash in Shared Storage

STORANDER Enterprise Capacity Module extends the high performance of NVMeTM flash. It provides low-latency of NVMe SSDs over a high-performance Ethernet  fabric to deliver similar performance to locally attached NVMe SSDs. Unsurpassed connectivity units class using Western Digital RapidFlexTM NVMe-oF controllers.


storander enterprise capacity module


NVMe-over-Fabrics, or NVMe-oF, is a networked storage protocol that allows storage to be disaggregated from compute to make that storage widely available to multiple applications and servers. By enabling applications to share a common pool of storage capacity, data can be easily shared between applications or needed capacity can be allocated to an application to respond to application needs.


  STORANDER Enterprise One Capacity Module features:

Up to 368TB low latency Dual Port SSDs in 2U 24-bay platform

Bandwidth match between SSDs (Storage) and I/O (Network) – No oversubscription


  STORANDER Enterprise One Capacity Module hardware:

24 Dual port high-performance SSDs

Wide range of NVMe SSD capacity and endurance options

High availability with dual IOM

28” (711 mm) chassis depth – fits most commonly used short depth racks (800-1000 mm)


  STORANDER Enterprise One Capacity Module models:

Model C2415 – 184 TB raw

Model C2476 – 368 TB raw


  STORANDER Enterprise One Capacity Module performance:

  2 x 100 GbE


23.83 GB/s

5.09 M

175.45 µs



15.09 GB/s

3.72 M

41,73 µs


   STORANDER Enterprise One Capacity Module specifications:

Form Factor


Front Drive Bays

Up to 24 x U.2 NVMe SSDs

Power Supply

 2x 2000W Platinum (Titanium Optional) 200-240 VAC, CRPS, HotPlug

Fabric Adapter Slots

6x PCIe x16

Fabric Adapter(s)

 Western Digital RapidFlex NVMe-oF Fabric Adapter


 Active Optical

HA Redundancy

 Dual IOMs, Dual Port SSDs, Dual PSUs, Dual Rotor HotPlug Fans


 10°C – 35°C

Chassis Dimensions

Height x Width x Depth

 8.75 x 44.80 x 71.12 cm

 3.45 x 1.64 x 28 in


 Maximum 31.75 kg / 70 lb


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